Starting Spring off the Right Way

Recently I had digital art pieces exhibited in Florence, Italy and Porto, Portugal — although I couldn’t attend either venue, it was a delight to be included with so many other gifted artists at the NEM Equinox Exhibit at the Church of San Stefano and at the Mira Mobile Prize Exhibit.

Last month five of my digital paintings were exhibited at the Melange I exhibit at the Circle Gallery in Annapolis. My work has appeared on numerous banners in the last year, most notably iColorama and theappwhisper. Always a great honor.

I finally bit the bullet and bought an iPhone7+ which is an absolute joy. My Android was a good pal for years but it was time to upgrade. I’m also now the owner of a refurbished Apple laptop, thanks to Charles Trumbull, former editor of Modern Haiku, who helped move me in that direction.

I’ve been asked to do a solo reading April 16, Easter Sunday, at Spiral Staircase starting at 4 o’clock. If you’re in the area, stop by and bring your house guests (or leave them home if you need a break). April is international poetry month and the 16th is International Haiku Day. I will be reading haiku as well as haibun–hope to share new unpublished work.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new poetry book and have promised myself that I will buckle down and do the exercises in the three on-line art courses I signed up for. Something always seems to get in the way.

I share my poetry and art every day on Facebook. Friend me if you wish.

May you blossom this spring…..





After the Inauguration

It has been a wild ride for the whole world. I personally have been tossing and turning at night. Last night I had a dream that Trump was depressed. I offered to make him bacon and eggs for breakfast which he accepted but before diving into the meal, he threw on top a square of crumb cake.

Dreams are amazing — it wasn’t until later in the morning did that grand finale of the piece of cake remind me of the famous line from French history, “Let them eat cake” (meaning the struggling masses). In other words, let those who voted for me eat crumbs.

Dreams are, afterall, art from the Dream Maker herself.


On a brighter note, I thank Andrea  for choosing one of my Venice scenes for his NEMStreets site:

This lovely man does so much for mobile art and artists.

Practice Practice Practice

Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to draw. For years I thought I had no talent in that area, that drawing was something my brother was gifted in, not me.

In a week I will turn seventy. They say age can bring wisdom and in my case, I have the wisdom to know I wasn’t a born artist, that it’s something I have to practice. One year ago I began taking on-line courses with a number of gifted artists, Ivy Newport being one. My attempts at drawing a face were lame indeed but with a minimum of practice, I can do a decent portrait. But like any skill, drawing takes practice and I have miles to go, to quote Robert Frost.

Drawing for me is painful and frustrating. Learning how to really see is a discipline (vs. focusing so much on how I look).






NEMStreet exhibits features one of my photo edits

In 1984 I went to Venice with my husband and brother-in-law where I took a photo

of an elderly man petting one of the many cats that roam the streets there.  In 2016

I resurrected the photo and polished it on my iPad creating a beautiful black and white.

On a lark, I used the app Dreamscope to see what would happen if it appeared in color.

The rest is history.

My motto is, you don’t know unless you try! And sometimes it takes another pair of

eyes to acknowledge what we do has merit. So thank you, NEMStreet…it’s a pleasure to

appear with some of my favorite artists.

First Week of January starts off with a thrill

Two of my digital art pieces were featured at NEMClouds as well as Mobile Monochromes (New Years Showcase). And it’s always a kick to see one of my edited photos bannered on iColorama, my go-to app where I start nearly every artistic journey.

Thanks to The Circle Galley in Annapolis, six to eight of my canvases will be hung late February in their Melange exhibit. And always satisfying to have editors reach out to solicit my work, especially tanka and haiga.

On my dresser there are six  figures made from self-hardening clay. I’m in love with all but one.

On the burner for 2017, I was asked to act as judge for the Ito-en Grand Prize Haiku Contest in English. Thanks to translator/writer Hiroaki Sato for suggesting me. I signed up for a year-long drawing/painting course with Olga Furman, one of my favorite artists. Still working on a mobile art course I started back in 2016–it’s tedious and slow going but if I learn just one technique from every lesson, it’s worth it. I have much to learn about mapping the face and body–it’s teaching me patience.

In one week I will turn seventy. How did this happen? What new adventures are in store?