Mira Mobile Prize: Black and White Photographs Exhibit, Porto, Portugal 2019

I am thrilled that one of my street photographs was chosen in the top 50 entries. See the link below. The first one in the block is mine. It was taken in Ragusa, Sicily in June 2019 during the evening hours when people promenade up and down the street taking in the air or city sights. In this case, I was captivated by these gentlemen who seemed to be carrying on an animated conversation. The elder man with Einstein’s hair looked like a professor and the others his colleagues. Whatever they were discussing seemed really important!

I posted the photo on Facebook. Within minutes a virtual friend from Ragusa informed me that the gentleman central to the photo was indeed a judge whom he knew.  It’s a small world!




Grand Prize Winners, Ito-En (Haiku Division) 2018

Ito-En Haiku Division Prize Winners
walking on new snow–
as if I were the guest
of honor
–Earl Keener, WV
It’s magical to wake up in the morning to a virgin snowfall, as if Nature herself offers the poet a silent blessing.
moving the snail
from the driveway . . .
before backing up
–Garry Gay, CA
While humans seem to travel at the speed of light, the snail is one of the slowest creatures. Just reading this poem asks us to slow down, to honor the journey of another form of life.
the night blooming cactus
sheds its bees
–Pris Campbell, Florida
Also known as Queen of the Night, this flower blooms for one night only. As soon as the sun rises, her loyal subjects disperse. Yet her unforgettable fragrance lingers in the memory of those who ventured out in the middle of the night with flashlights to behold the preciousness of life.
Note 1: There are also three runners up and I will post them as soon as Ito-En makes them public.
Note 2: Important: Please, if you were a previous winner from the year before, do not submit haiku in 2019. I hope Ito-En will include this in their new guidelines.

Unsealing Our Secrets …#MeToo Poems by women and men

We are pleased to announce that the anthology that seemed to take forever to midwife into the world is being well received.

It’s available on Kindle and can be purchased from Amazon.com in hard copy. I’m not going to “give away” samples of the writing because I consider these stories to be too personal. My husband and I are proud of the finished product and we both offer a deep bow to each of the writers who share their secrets. We hope  their words will  give others the courage to unburden themselves in the many forums that become available.