So, Summer is Here Again

And things are blooming in the on-line haiku and Japanese poetry forms world. We have Caroline Skanne tirelessly bringing us a weekly Hedgerow on-line journal. Then there’s Michael Rehling who lovingly edits his monthly senryu journal, Failed Haiku. And then the great surprise of ai li’s cherita monthly flipbook. So glad she’s back in town. I musn’t overlook Larry Kimmel who is ai li’s co-editor. We have so much to look forward to.

It’s hard enough to devote one’s energy to a quarterly, let alone a monthly or a weekly. My baseball cap off to these three musketeers.

Meanwhile, the perennials are blooming although the sun is merciless. And the thistles and other weeds are having a swell time. We have been having our pond worked on for two months. Last year’s fish all but disappeared–I have a feeling the frogs that were bigger were having a feast. My pond guy has relocated a number of frogs but when I went out to feed our dozen goldfish this morning, two fat ones jumped into the water. Where they’re coming from, I don’t know.  With each ripple, a new Basho  replicates.

In the frog’s croak

the beginning

of summer





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