Late Summer — What is it Good for?

Late Summer started  about 10 days ago and when I felt it arrive, I felt like something inside me unplugged . The intense blazing heat of summer was gone and I felt so relieved to once again be done with the craziness of July.

It felt good to lounge around, to eat plums and enjoy tomatoes that are jam packed with the earth’s sweetness. It was time to pull out the vines from the garden that had turned yellow and to weed from the flower patches the artemesia that had taken over. But more than just weeding the garden, my closet with all my old poetry books from the 90’s were just sitting there doing nothing. And all those art cards that I no longer liked were grist for the recycling mill. Bags and bags of what once were considered treasures were being carted away on trash day.

Cluttered closets equals cluttered mind. I feel so much lighter and am using the goodness of late summer to help me nurture myself in letting go of stuff that no longer serves myself or the Highest Good.

In July I spent time at the Blue Deer Center way up in the Catskills attending an advanced course in Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan, author of Plant Spirit Medicine. It was wonderful to be with like minded people again, who use the spirit of plants to heal others. The wild flowers and plants are generous with their knowledge and this medicine is more important now than ever in a world where people are so out of balance.

Santa Fe where the Haiku North America conference will be held is looming. In mid September my husband and I will attend. Robert will  give a talk on copyright law. I’ll be on a haiga panel, sharing some tips with attendees as well as giving a presentation on the Five Seasons and how they impact our lives in ways that may surprise.  But most of all, I’m looking forward to just being in New Mexico again, to enjoy its smells and earth-tones as well as to connect with new and old friends alike.

My latest book, The Color Blue, was just released by Red Moon Press. It’s a collection of short poems that includes haiku, haiga, haibun and experimental work.  Cost of the book is $20 available from or directly from me.

Little by little my out-of-print books are being uploaded to Kindle. In the near future, I will be sharing my three latest books there. I ‘m becoming fonder of  Kindle and e-books as we’re  running out of shelf space. For now, you can read my meaty collection of tanka, LIP PRINTS, as well as BLACK JACK JUDY AND THE CRISCO KIDS (Growing Up Italian in the Bronx) which is really my husband’s stories of his colorful New York childhood when much of the place was still wilderness.

















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