Twitter Poems – 8/09

check mate / she marries / her ex-husband’s brother

chi gong / i think about it / sitting in my chair / how great I’d feel / if I’d just do it!

go ahead and take it / aunt says / arms across her chest / the carnival glass dish / i loved as a kid

austistic child / breaking dishes / fine china handed down

again my sadness/ after calling my mother / just another day / she said / 88 years on the planet

eclipse / another cup / of black coffee / another promise / that won’t be kept

at sixty / my brother / holds his breath / until he gives us all / the blues

another dream/ of a flood / on the front page / of the paper / Louisville under water

family reunion / my stomach churns / I am invisible / the only cousin / not holding a drink

what is this life / but an ongoing story / told in  / five-line poems / to strangers on twitter

these tears / i can’t stop them/ father’s day

early morning / on the answering machine / a ninety year old voice / sings me / happy birthday

a silver map / left by snails / or is it / a melted / star

depression lifts / how the goldfish / have grown

twitter down / i dead head marigolds / give tomatoes / to neighbors / I don’t know

cocktail party / cornered by a man / pontificating fluff

be careful / what you / wish for / stars / burn out

rose thorns get to the point

the old rabbi / tells me with a twinkle / we were married / in another life but alas/ no consummation

a year later / the widow / emerges in red

at the window / I watch autumn  / piece together / a brocade carpet / in honor of your visit

i’m spiritual / she says / but not very deep

recovering alcholic / stopped for speeding / through Louisville

the day the rabbi ordained me / interfaith minister / my family / like balloons / all floated away

dinner with new people / the comment about Sicilians / does not go over well / my husband usually friendly /

silent the entire night

i can never take you home / to meet my parents / he tells me / my Jewish prince / the love of my life

i love you / he said / and the moon’s a canoe

famous poet / i paid to hear this / words of hate / for everyone / born white

white day in april / a mound of soft yellow / from a jonquil’s light

i left / before i fell / from his pedestal / too hard / trying to be white marble

how ripe / the nectarine sunset / just before it drops

for every dream / in this notebook / a stained glass window / from a church / that never was

traffic at a standstill  turtle

standoffish neighbors / i’m at their door / with a bowl / of cherries / in a parallel universe

dried river bed / scooping up brownies / for my dolls

don’t tell a soul / she tells everyone she knows / this dress is Armani / and I bought it / for five bucks

that moment / when I knew / my so-called friend / was using me / as her ATM

her sweet fragrance / still lingers inside /  this cobra-skin purse / the aunt I adored / the aunt who always found fault

one too many drinks / my brother calls / to yell at me / because his best friend / just died


2 thoughts on “Twitter Poems – 8/09

  1. Hi, I just started reading this blog – thanks for writing. I wanted to inform you that it’s not displaying correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Pearl). Anyway, I am now on the RSS feed on my home PC, so thanks!

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