NEMStreet exhibits features one of my photo edits

In 1984 I went to Venice with my husband and brother-in-law where I took a photo

of an elderly man petting one of the many cats that roam the streets there.  In 2016

I resurrected the photo and polished it on my iPad creating a beautiful black and white.

On a lark, I used the app Dreamscope to see what would happen if it appeared in color.

The rest is history.

My motto is, you don’t know unless you try! And sometimes it takes another pair of

eyes to acknowledge what we do has merit. So thank you, NEMStreet…it’s a pleasure to

appear with some of my favorite artists.


First Week of January starts off with a thrill

Two of my digital art pieces were featured at NEMClouds as well as Mobile Monochromes (New Years Showcase). And it’s always a kick to see one of my edited photos bannered on iColorama, my go-to app where I start nearly every artistic journey.

Thanks to The Circle Galley in Annapolis, six to eight of my canvases will be hung late February in their Melange exhibit. And always satisfying to have editors reach out to solicit my work, especially tanka and haiga.

On my dresser there are six  figures made from self-hardening clay. I’m in love with all but one.

On the burner for 2017, I was asked to act as judge for the Ito-en Grand Prize Haiku Contest in English. Thanks to translator/writer Hiroaki Sato for suggesting me. I signed up for a year-long drawing/painting course with Olga Furman, one of my favorite artists. Still working on a mobile art course I started back in 2016–it’s tedious and slow going but if I learn just one technique from every lesson, it’s worth it. I have much to learn about mapping the face and body–it’s teaching me patience.

In one week I will turn seventy. How did this happen? What new adventures are in store?



Last Day of 2016

There’s much left do finish in 2017 but if I look back on the past year, I’m grateful for the progress I’ve made with iPad art and for those who helped me along the way. While I have much more to learn, I’m delighted that a number of my mobile art pieces were featured in on-line exhibits and banners including iColorama, Flowers are Fabulous, NEMLandscapes, NEMSilence, NEWImpossibleHumans, App Art Whisperer and others. My dear friend Carolyn Hall Young, who was an iPad artist extraordinaire as well as remarkable human being, is no longer with us, I will never forget our talks and her way of helping me move beyond where I was.

One of the best ways to learn new things is to take on-line courses in whatever subject turns us on. While it’s intimidating sometimes to start something new that we have no experience in, I was happy to take the plunge into encaustic wax, storyteller art, painting on teabags and most recently, creating clay figures from air-dried clay. And while I’ve never been a fan of horses, I took my new Nikon out to shoot horses and must say, horses are mysterious in a beautiful way and I hope to encounter more of them and perhaps make a few friends when I am brave enough to get closer. I thank my Aunt Mary for gifting me the camera for Christmas.















10th Curated Collection of Silence Surprise

I was delighted this morning to see the following Facebook message from NEMSilence:

Welcome to our 10th curated collection of Silence. For many of us photography is an escape. And here at #NEMsilence we share that silent escape we long for. Please congratulate our amazing NEM artist Lisa Peters Luísa Azevedo Éric Mmp Mémé Lynne Overstreet Jordan Manuela Matos Monteiro Rick Arp-Barnett Alexis Rotella

My vintage-style photo montage called DREAM OF THE FUTURE is featured here.

My One Woman Art Exhibit July 2016

Hanging the show was the tough part but an angel named Gabriel appeared on the scene, fell in love with my digital art pieces, and intuitively knew where to hang each canvas. The show was up for a month at 49 West Bar and Gallery and got lots of traffic.

The opening was a huge success with friends and acquaintances showing up that I didn’t expect to see. I sold a number of prints and cards as well as a few of my quirkier pieces including one that was purchased by the owner of an upscale restaurant in town.

Preparing for the show was a marathon–all of my art was done on my iPad Pro and that was my focus for several months but now I am paying the price with a sore shoulder/arm on the right and sore elbow on the left from repetitive motion and holding the iPad with my left hand in one position. Even though I made sure to take walks and breaks, holding a posture for long hours for months took its toll.

A Talk on the Five Seasons and Wild Graces

Our trip to Wild Graces in New Hampshire was a delight. Robin White and her husband, Marshall, were delightful hosts. My talk on the five seasons and how they impact our lives was well received and people were taking notes like crazy. The forgotten season  I spoke about at length is late summer, the transition between summer and autumn as well as the element that connects one season to another.

I will be speaking more on the Five Seasons at the Haiku North America conference in Santa Fe in September 2017. It’s a long way off yet the seasons sometimes seem to have wings.

Someone compared Wild Graces to Woodstock without the mud. Robin and Marshall are planning to attend the Haiku North America gathering and will still hold the Wild Graces get together at the end of September 2017.