Twitter Poems – 7/09

These are the poems I posted on Twitter during the month of July 09.

in the guest room / where my mother slept / I look for comfort / but not even the moon / is there

the post lady / waves through the window / not even that /cures my husband / of scrambling eggs in the nude

rain on its way / the morning-glories darken / a shade

gull poop / a message / from above

the three of us / preparing dinner / sipping wine / chattering away / on twitter

all around / I smell you / I feel you / rain / please come

we can’t afford / to buy you a piano / her husband says / not to mention / the seeds you’ve been / feeding  the birds

in the attic / a suitcase for every country / we’ve never been

rain on its way / the morning-glories darken / a shade

good for the nerves / celery / but still / I throw the computer / against the wall

the three of us / preparing dinner / sipping wine / chattering away / on twitter

i believed her / my best friend / in grade school / who said they were hideous / the dresses I made / for our cut-out dolls

best mexican food around / so genuine / these tacos / the owner appears / speaking German

the mime / trapped in a box / of his own making / just like / the rest of us

again he runs out to start his truck / teenager next door / with the vroom vroom gene

neighbors away / a wild party / at their house / hosted by / the boy who walks their dog

again no rain / but as many fireflies / as stars

all night / in my dreams / I waited for the rain / it finally arrived / in a snow mobile

in their bumblebee attire / the bikers/on the trail today / all hyped up / about that Lance

visit from an old friend / her fingers / digging deep / into my feet / as I spill out my sorrow

good morning, illness / I see you’re still here / shall we go for a walk / pick some berries / have a little  talk?

I long for the days / when French / was fluent in me / the days / of wine and snails

”you’re just a bunch of liars” / the farmer shakes his fist / at the departing clouds l another week / of drought

a character/ from Dickens / hovers over my bed / and then I remember/ the solar eclipse

did my neighbor / paint her porch / a provence blue / or is it a brush / of summer’s light

think outside the box / my tee shirt says  /to a couch potato relative

my brother / who never opens a book / marries a reading teacher

lst date / he confesses / he likes to cross dress / then let’s go shopping / she says

skink at rest / its head / between the buddha’s brow

cicadas / like a mower / starting up/ summer finally / gets going

co-worker’s funeral / little bags of cremains / given out as souveniers

bubble blowing /  at funerals / what will they / dream up next / in lala land

on vacation /  stuffed dust mites /fabrique en chine / are selling / like hotcakes

in my face / yet not / in my face / all my “friends” / on face book

Last night’s dream / I threw a party / for all my friends / on Face Book/ but forgot to buy the food

What’s a sultry night / without a moonflower / or two / this fragrance that doesn’t/ come in a bottle

Off they go in the speed boat / my brother and husband / both wearing baseball caps / looking like / a pair of mallards


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